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T-bone accidents occur at an angle, usually 90 degrees, forming a namesake T shape. When vehicle operators neglect or ignore the right of way at a trafic light, stop sign, or other intersection, it can result in a broadside collision / T-bone accident. T-bone accidents can result in pushing cars into traffic or cause another collision from oncoming trafic unable to avoid the collision.


T-bone accidents can often lead to very serious injuries or even death. When the impact of the accident is to the side of a vehicle, where some vehicles may not be equipped with side-impact airbags, the resulting damage and injuries can be life altering. If the vehicle is not equipped with side airbags, your only protection is essentially a door, which can put the vehicle occupants at a greater risk of sustaining a severe injury and/or in injuries.


T-bone accidents can often occur due to the fault / negligence of a driver, who has ran a stop sign or red light. If you have been injured at all in a T-bone motor vehicle accident or any other type of car accident, it is important that you obtain a police report and seek immediate medical attention and care. Additionally, please contact a New York T-bone / car accident lawyer as soon as possible, as your rights to file a lawsuit and seek compensation can expire if you wait too long to contact a New York car accident attorney.


Knowledgeable and Dedicated NYC / Queens T-Bone Car Accident Lawyers


NYC / Queens side impact collisions / T-bone car accidents and other car accidents may be caused by the negligence of another driver or even a car manufacturer, car part manufacturer, or negligent car repair / maintenance service. NYC / Queens T-bone car accidents typically occur when drivers fail to yield the right of way at intersections, traffic lights, and stop signs.  NYC / Queens T-bone accidents car result in serious and even fatal injuries.


If you have been injured in a NYC / Queens T-bone car accident or other motor vehicle accident, please contact our knowledgeable and experienced NYC / Queens T-bone car accident lawyers immediately before your legal rights to take legal action and obtain compensation for your injuries expire.





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