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No-fault insurance is a type of car / automobile insurance whereby the insurance company provides coverage to its customer in an accident without regard to who was at fault for the accident. New York is a no-fault accident state. Thus, if you sustain an injury in a car / automobile accident, even if you are at fault, you may file an insurance claim for medical bills, hospital bills, loss of wages, and other expenses / medical expenses.


No-fault benefits are restricted, and mistakes and complications can arise, so it is recommended that you consult with a NYC / Long Island no fault attorney as soon as possible if you have been in an automobile accident. Our NYC / Long Island car accident lawyers offer free consultations on all NYC / Long Island car accident matters.


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No-fault insurance claims are made against your own automobile insurer. Injuries resulting from the use / operation of a motor vehicle, with some exclusions / exceptions, are covered by New York's No-Fault Law. New York's No-Fault Law includes the following coverage benefits for basic economic loss up to fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) per person: medical bills, hospital bills, loss of earnings from work / wages up to two thousand dollars ($2,000) per month, and other reasonable and medically necessary expenses. You may also purchase additional coverage beyond the required fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) each insured automobile must carry for each autombile occupant.  


NYC / Long Island Serious Injury Attorneys


If you have sustained a serious injury, you may file a personal injury lawsuit for additional compensation that is intended to make the Plaintiff whole. Generally, the purpose of damages in a NYC / Long Island personal injury lawsuit is to put the injured victim back into the position he/she was in prior to the injury that resulted from the defendant's neligent, reckless, and/or intentional actions. General damages for a serious injury include damages for emotional / physical pain, loss of a loved one's companionship (consortium), and punitive damages (awarded to punish the defendant).


While special damages include past / future medical bills, property damage / repairs, and lost wages / income due to missing work and/or a reduced earning capacity. If you have sustained a serious injury in an automobile accident, please contact our NYC / Long Island personal injury attorneys for a free consultation before your rights to obtain compensation under the law expire.





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