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Under New York State and Federal law, non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime pay for hours worked over forty (40) in a workweek at a rate of at least one and a half (1.5) times their regular rate of pay. Even employees paid on a salary basis may be entitled to overtime pay. Employers may misclassify and/or intentionally fail to pay employees legally required wages, including overtime wages at a rate of at least one and a half (1.5) times their regular rate of pay. If you believe your employer has violated any wage laws, or any of your employment rights, contact a Long Island wage attorney as soon as possible.


Additional wage laws include New York's Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA) that requires employers to give written notice of wage rates to each new hire.

The notice must be given both in English and in the employee's primary language (if the Labor Department offers a translation), and must include:


  • Rate or rates of pay, including overtime rate of pay (if it applies);
  • How the employee is paid: by the hour, shift, day, week, commission, etc...;
  • Regular payday
  • Official name of the employer and any other names used for business (DBA);
  • Address and phone number of the employer's main office or principal location;
  • Allowances taken as part of the minimum wage (tips, meal and lodging deductions.                                                                                                                               

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A plaintiff who demonstrates that he / she was improperly denied overtime pay may recover, in addition to unpaid wages, an amount equal to the unpaid wages -- unless his employer demonstrates that it acted in good faith and had reasonable grounds for believing that it had not violated the overtime laws. Thus, Employees can obtain double damages for overtime claims. New York State and Federal Law also require payment of minimum wages to non-exempt employees. Statute of limitations apply, so contact a Long Island wage lawyer as soon as possible.





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