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Long Island Severance Agreement Lawyers


Severance pay may be granted to an employee by an employer upon termination of employment in exchange for a release of the employee's rights to sue their employer. Our firm has enjoyed great success in achieving and negotiating substantial increases in the amount of severance pay / compensation employers have offered our clients, and we have even negotiated severance compensation for our clients when their employers did not offer any type of severance compensation / agreement until we represented them in severance negotiations.


If you have been terminated and/or let go and your employer has offered you a severance agreement, please contact a Long Island severance lawyer, who will fight to get you more money and additional benefits and compensation. Do not take on your employer on your own, contact a Long Island employment attorneys as soon as possible if your employer offered you a severance agreement, as severance agreements typically have short deadlines in which to accept, so call our Long Island severance attorneys immediately.


Knowledgeable Long Island Severance Lawyers


We negotiate and/or attempt to negotiate language in these agreements and releases that protect our client's rights. We explain the agreement to you in a way you can understand, and do all of the negotiating for you. We may even be able to negotiate a severance package when your employer has not offered you any severance package or compensation at all. If you have been terminated from your job and been offered a severance package, consult with a Long Island severance agreement attorney, who may be able to get you a substantial amount of additional money and benefits from your employer in addition to negotiating other favorable terms for your benefit.


Long Island Severance Attorneys Fighting to Get You The Compensation You Deserve.


Generally speaking, severance agreements are drafted by your employer and/or their attorney and therefore contain terms favorable to your employer. If you hire our Long Island Severance Lawyers, we will passionately represent you to get you increased compensation and benefits that you deserve. We have also been successful in negotiating other favorable contractual terms on behalf of our clients. Severance agreements are complicated legal documents, do not sign anything that you do not understand, and contact a Long Island severance agreement attorney as soon as possible if you have been offered a severance agreement / package from your employer.





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