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Many employees do not have individual employment contracts, and are typically employees at will or union members, whom are covered by collective bargaining agreements. Even individual employees, who receive and enter into an employment contract with their employer may still very well be employees at will if that term is specifically included in the employment contract. However, some individual employees may receive an employment contract offer that states that the employer may not terminate the employee unless there is cause / good cause, which may be defined in the employment contract. If an employee has a contract with their employer that states that the employee may only be fired for cause / good cause, then the employee has some job security, that he or she would not otherwise have under the employment at will doctrine.


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Terms of the employment contract, other than employee termination, may also include the employee's salary, bonus structure, benefits, expense reimbursement, a description of job duties, a length of time for which the employment contract covers, performance review information, goals, non-compete clauses, confidentiality clauses / non-disclosure clauses, severance pay / agreement clauses, employer property clauses, and other additional terms. Employment agreements are complicated legal documents, that you should review with your employment lawyer. An employment lawyer can explain the rights you are both receiving and giving up if you enter into the employment contract. An employment attorney can also advise you on the enforceability of clauses in the agreement such as a non-compete clause for example.


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An employment agreement attorney may also help you negotiate more favorable terms in the employment contract. For example, if you leave a great job that you had been at for many years for another job opportunity, an employment attorney may suggest that you negotiate some job security and/or severance pay for yourself prior to leaving your current job for the new job opportunity.


If you have no job security / you are an employee / employment at will, and you leave an employer and job you were happy with for a new employer / job opportunity, and the new job does not work out, then you may be in a very bad position if you have no job security and/or the new employer is not required to pay you a certain amount of severance pay, that was negotiated in the initial employment agreement. There are additional benefits to hiring an employment attorney to review and advise you with respect to your employment agreement. If you have received an employment contract from your employer and you would like legal assistance, please contact our New York City & Queens employment agreement attorneys.





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